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Search the following list for the brand name (rather than product name) of the health product you are looking for. Some product names are listed after the brand, but not all. If it’s available in Canada we either have it in stock or can order it within a reasonable time.

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Product Brand List


Abundance Naturally [] Ultra Chromatone Plus, HGH Select

Aerobic Oxygen [] (CH)

Alpha Health Products [] (PL) coconut oil

AOR Advanced Orthomolecular Research [] – exciting line of high quality supplements

Aqua Oleum [] (Natura Trading) essential oils by Julia Lawless

Aroma Crystal Therapy [] (PL) Gardener’s Dream Cream and other high quality personal care products

Ascenta Health [] (NW) quality fish oil products

A.Vogel [] (BF) herbal remedies from Switzerland

Balanced Planets (PN) hormone balance supplements for Mars and Venus by Dr. John Gray

Bell Lifestyle Products []

Bernard Jensen [] (CH) chlorophyll, black cherry juice and other health products

Bioforce Canada [] Aromaforce essential oils, BioStrath, Herbamare

BioSil [] (PN) collagen support supplement with choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid

Boericke & Tafel (NW) homeopathic remedies

Body Plus [] distributor for Progressive supplements and several sports nutrition lines

Brad King Products [] (PN) Ultimate line of supplements for men (and women)


Bragg [] (CH) Liquid Aminos (natural soy sauce)

Celebration Herbals [] (GL) organic teas

Celt Immuno-Care [] (PN) plant sterol supplement for allergies and immune balance

Christmas Natural Foods [] distributor for many product lines

Country Fresh [] (GL) organic nut butters and other foods


CryoDerm [] (SMT) – cold pain relief roll or spray


Diatomaceous Earth by Nature’s Gaia [] (NG) – natural silica supplement, capsules or powder


Dr Dunner AG [] (F) Pagosid devil’s claw extract, Cynarol artichoke extract, and other herbal extracts


Ecologic [] – Saskatoon based line of natural cleaning products for kitchen, bathroom & laundry

EcoMax Nutrition []

EcoTrend Ecologics []

Enzymatic Therapy [] (NW) line of enzymes and other supplements

Essensia Naturals [] – effective natural deodorant

Flora [] Bija Teas, Efamol evening primrose oil, Olbas, Salus Tonics, Sambu, Udo’s Choice, Yogi Tea

Garden of Life [] (PL)

George’s Aloe [] (CH) distilled clear aloe vera juice

Glee Gum [] (PS) uses only natural gums, colors & sweeteners; aspartame-free

Gold Top [] (GL) organic flax oil and other products

Greenline Distributors [] Greenboy organic grains & seeds, flours, nuts & dried fruit


GSH Complex by Nutraxis [] – whey based drink to stimulate glutathione production


Haigina Japanese Mint Oil [] (SMT) – deep heating and penetrating for muscle and joint pain


Happy Home (GL) molasses, lecithin and other foods


Harena Maris [] herbal formulas with luobuma, in tea and capsules, for stress, blood pressure, headaches


Hedd Wyn Essentials [] wild oil of oregano


Hedley Enterprises []


Himalayan Crystal Salt [] (GL) healthy pink salt


Homeocan [] (ET, PL) Kids 0-9 homeopathics


Hubner [] (Naka) Silicea gel, Iron Vital tonic, Arnica cream, Milk Thistle liquid & caps


Immuno-Care [] (PN) plant sterol formula for immune system support and allergies


InnoTech Nutrition [] (formerly SM) – Wholy Tea; liquid ionic calcium, magnesium, kelp & zinc; NaturePro protein powder; Cardioflex; ColFlex vitamin D spray, oregano oil spray, B12 spray


Inno-Vite [] line of supplements, probiotics, Yeast Buster kit


Jack ‘n Jill [] (JJ) – great tasting natural toothpaste and toothbrushes for kids


Kalaya Naturals [] (PL) anti-inflammatory pain relieving cream


LaVigne Natural Skincare [] (LO) Mayan Magic balm and Scalp Therapy for psoriasis, eczema & other skin conditions; Affirm Body lotion


Leaf Source (HE) anti-inflammation joint health formula


Le Paludier [] (GL) celitic grey salt


Maison Orphee [] (GL) organic vegetable oils


Medistik [] (HE) pain relieving stick and spray


Mercy MSM [] pain relieving cream, Damage Control skin repair cream


MGN-3 [] (EM)


Millenium Products [] (NHS) – Cell Shield, Scalar Energy Pendant


Mozi-Q [] – the mosquito repellent you eat


MyoNatural (formerly MyoMed) [] effective all natural pain relief cream


Naka [] line of herbal and nutritional supplements


Natural Balance []


Natural Calm [] (PL) ionic magnesium powder formulas


Natural Factors [] a complete line of nutritional and herbal products, Echinamide echinacea extract, Whole Earth & Sea product line


Natural Health Solutions [] a variety of nutritional and herbal products


Nature Clean [] (GL) green cleaning products


Nature’s Aid [] aloe skin gel, shampoo & conditioner, body wash


Nature’s Way [] complete line of herbals, Ginkgold, Thisilyn milk thistle, Sambucus, Umcka


Neo40 [] (HE) nitric oxide promoting supplement


Newco [] (ET, GL) tea tree oil products, Broccofusion skin care


New Roots Herbal [] complete line of herbal and nutritional products


Nordic Naturals [] (ET) fish oil supplements


NOW [] (PS) – essential oils, amino acids, supplements


Nunweiler’s [] (GL) grains and flours


Nutracleanse [] cleansing dietary fibre


Nutra Research [] Nutra Ultra Relief MSM Cream and other products


NutriBiotic [] (ET, GL) grapefruit seed extract products


Omega Nutrition [] (GL, SOL) flax oil and other foods

Only Oats [htpp://] (GL) oat products and gluten free baking mixes

Pascoe Canada [] pH Balance and other homeopathic remedies


Platinum Naturals [] (PM) Easy line of supplements including Easy Iron


Prairie Naturals [] (PrN) comprehensive line of supplements

Precision [] (BP) all natural protein powders, sports nutrition products

Precision All Natural [] (BP) high quality protein powders

Preferred Nutrition [] (PN) distributor for BioSil, Brad King, Immuno-Care, Whittaker, Gifford-Jones, WomenSense


Primadophilus [] (NW) probiotics


ProBuilt Nutrition (NB) Testostrogain 

Progressive [] (BP) nutritional supplements, nice children’s line, VegeGreens, Phytoberry, Harmonized Protein, HCP70 probiotics

Pur Gum & Mints [] (PL, PS) sugar free, aspartame-free chewing gum and mints with xylitol

PureSource [] NOW and 170 other brands of health products

Purity Life [] 250 brands of health products

Queen Helene [] (AC) vitamin E deodorant

Qeva Elk Antler [] (CH)


SierraSil [] (ET) Formula 14


Similasan [] (GL) eye & ear care products

Spry Gum & Mints [] (GL, PL, LCC) sugar free, aspartame-free chewing gum and mints with xylitol

Strauss Herb [] (HE) Strauss Heart Drops and other herbal products


Sun Chlorella [] (PL) the original chlorella tablets from Japan


Swerve [] (HE) natural sweetener,


Tinkyada [] (GL) rice pasta


Triple Jim’s (GL) juices


TriStar Naturals [] (Naka) nutritional product line by Zolton Rona


Udo’s Choice [] (F) enzymes, probiotics and essential fatty acid supplements by Udo Erasmus


Umac-Core [] (HE) marine phytoplankton supplement

Veeva [] (V) stress and anxiety relief formulas

WaistAway (BP) Raspberry Ketone, Green Coffee Bean, L-Carnitine supplements promoted by Dr. Oz

Dr. Whitaker Products [] (PN) supplements by Dr Julian Whitaker


White Flower Oil (SMT) – Chinese liniment


Willow Springs [] (CH) emu oil products


WomenSense [] (PN) line of supplements for women (and men)


Zheng Gu Shui (SMT) Chinese liniment




List subject to change – keep checking back


Last updated August 2016